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For Professionals

Our expert team at Doon Psychotherapeutic Centre is dedicated to providing top-notch Heart and Soul-based psychological services with compassion. Tailoring our care to each unique condition, rest assured you will receive the highest standard of support from our skilled professionals

Get Trained & Certified

Beyond services, we champion knowledge dissemination. Aspiring professionals benefit from our psychologists' structured online and on-site training courses in Dehradun. Engage in our frequent webinars and offsite training sessions to enhance your skills and expertise


We offer comprehensive assessments in Intelligence, Learning Disability, Personality, Memory, Emotional, and Developmental areas. Our services encompass a thorough evaluation to provide valuable insights and support in various facets of individual well-being

Help For Parents

Early Identification of problems of the child. Provide the right choice of career to their children. Help them to understand the child's personality development

Why Doon Psychotherapeutic Centre

25 years of experience

With a quarter-century of expertise, Doon Psychotherapeutic Centre, led by experienced professionals, specializes in psychological counseling, testing, and psychology training

Psychometric testing

Comprehensive psychometric testing and counseling services offered at Doon Psychotherapeutic Centre, bringing diverse assessments and therapeutic support together for holistic well-being

Specialized support and interventions

Doon Psychotherapeutic Centre comprises skilled psychologists, counselors, therapists, special educators, and a Rehabilitation Psychologist for comprehensive mental health care

Easy to approach

Doon Psychotherapeutic Centre offers online/offline counseling and phone consultations. Conveniently located in the city center, reaching out to us is effortless


Enhance well-being by integrating select complementary therapies into your daily routine at Doon Psychotherapeutic Centre, promoting holistic care for your mind, body, and spirit

Marital Counseling

Doon Psychotherapeutic Centre includes psychometric-educational assessments, remedial strategies, emotional enhancement programs, attention-concentration exercises, and confidence improvement skills within a comprehensive framework


Dr. B. Pratibha Sharma and her message

I am Dr. Pratibha Sharma, and I welcome you to Doon Psychotherapeutic Centre, a distinguished wellness and mental health care facility in Dehradun. Established in 2006, we are dedicated to extending comprehensive mental health care to individuals throughout the state. Our mission is to deliver holistic mental care, catering not only to adults but also to children.

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Service Offered

For Adult

For Adult
  • Career counseling
  • Dissociative disorder
  • Personality disorder
  • Sleep disorder
  • Eating disorder
  • Mood disorder
  • Anxiety disorder
  • Somatoform disorder
  • Bipolar disorder
  • Generalized anxiety disorder
  • Depression
  • Schizophrenia and other psychotic disorder

For Children/ Teenagers

For Children/ Teenagers
  • Tests and assessment for dyslexia, autism and other learning problems
  • Training program for children with the learning disability
  • Training program for children with autism
  • Training program for children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

For Couples

For Couples
  • Marriage compatibility testing
  • Sexual problems
  • Adjustment problems
  • Marital counseling
  • Pre-marital counseling

For Senior Citizen

For Senior Citizen
  • Behavioral issues/ mood swings
  • Parkinson’s
  • Anxiety
  • OCD
  • Pre and post Menopausal behavioral issues
  • Alzheimer’s

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What Our Customers Say About Us

Doon Psychotherapeutic Centre
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Aparajita Chaudhary
Aparajita Chaudhary
07:56 05 Jul 24
I have done my 1 month internship from here . I really recommend this center for all the students who want to do an... internship in psychology. Everything was explained from baseline in detail. We also got to interact with the actual cases and make case studies on them. Apart from the planned topics ma’am was also ready to teach whatever we requested from her. She gave us hands on experience of administering and scoring many tests . Overall it was an amazing more
Tarvinder singh
Tarvinder singh
19:11 03 Jul 24
What a experience!!!...Hoensly the experience has changed my life. I've learned so my things from the Clinic. Special... thanks to preena mam for guiding me & listening to each n every single thing. I can't express how life changing journey it was. But can say just a great Long happy life & may this journey of teaching and awareness never ends❤️read more
Anoushka Thapliyal
Anoushka Thapliyal
08:34 29 Jun 24
Working as an intern at this clinic has provided me with an insight in child psychology that I never imagined pursuing... by myself. This centre allowed me to work with children and adolescents with different developmental conditions which helped me gain a hands-on and judicious experience that I believe I could not have attained elsewhere. Not to mention the faculty and mentors were extremely supportive and easy going.I will always cherish the experiences with colleagues I have formed here for the rest of my more
Deepti Purohit
Deepti Purohit
08:26 29 Jun 24
I got to intern with them for the summers and I entirelly enjoyed the experience of learning. The supervisors were very... helpful and supportive . They created cohesive environment which helped me learning about the formal more
Rajesh Chauhan
Rajesh Chauhan
06:33 12 Jun 24
Good communication skillsPsychologists spend a great deal of time reflecting back their own impressions and... understanding of a client's experiences, as well as teaching clients new strategy and ways of thinking about more
Anjali Sharma
Anjali Sharma
18:29 11 Jun 24
This incident happened a few years back. I took my younger brother to Dr.Pratibha because he had some issues he was not... comfortable opening up about in front of our family and had become a different person after our father’s demise. Dr.Pratibha run some psychometric tests on him and after a couple of sessions when he started opening up thinking it would be a safe space, she calls me up and tells me that he would never become anything and that me and my family should be prepared for a mediocre to less-than-mediocre future of his. My brother, then 16 was completely scarred hearing this from a mental health expert herself. Being a psychologist it was very uncalled for . No wonders that almost all the five stat reviews are from people who interned under herread more
Bhawna Wasu
Bhawna Wasu
04:57 30 May 24
My experience of visiting Dr Pratibha had been wonderful throughout..When I firstly visited here ...I was very... confused and series of thoughts Were going on in my mind regarding some personal issues going in my life and around me ..but after openly discussing with her ...I felt relaxed and she guided and supported me in dealing with things confidently and with positive approach...This has helped me a lot and changed my perception towards these hurdles of life ...Thanks a lot to Pratibha ma'am are a true mentor for meread more
Prashant Kumar Singh
Prashant Kumar Singh
08:44 28 May 24
Good interpersonal communication skillsPsychologists spend a great deal of time reflecting back their own impressions... and understanding of a client's experiences, as well as teaching clients new strategies and ways of thinking about problems. They also write reports and feedback letters to other more
Neenu Kumar
Neenu Kumar
08:48 13 May 24
Dr. Praying mantis is a very genuine and great psychologist.I really liked the way she deal with her clients. She... helped us a more
06:10 17 Apr 24
Well.... its a really great experience. So, if you are skeptic about your mental health evaluation or aid, then brush... off your doubts. You will be able to open up naturally and be real comfortable. The doctors here are a great vibe! Very skilled and experienced. So do pay a visit, you will love it all the while have your issues solved. :]read more
Manish Shah
Manish Shah
12:48 28 Mar 24
Dr. Pratibha Sharma is very experienced and informative .. professional skills are just perfect .. she helped a lot... with one of our patient .. God bless her 🙏😊read more
13:25 02 Mar 24
My mental health journey began a few days ago with a visit to Dr. Pratibha and Saloni Ma'am. Seeking guidance from... these two incredible ladies turned out to be a blessing. Their attentive approach and thoughtful answers to my questions alleviated the sleepless nights I had been experiencing. They created a comfortable environment, and their suggestions resonated with me. I am committed to following their advice and optimistic about my personal growth. I encourage anyone considering counseling to visit this center. Thankyou so much. Power to all 🙏.read more
Chandra sawan
Chandra sawan
10:19 23 Feb 24
I want to express my sincere gratitude for the opportunity to complete my internship at Doon Psychotherapeutic Centre.... Special thanks to Dr. Pratibha Sharma, Saloni Anand Arora, and Prerna Gulati for their guidance and support. Their expertise has been invaluable, and I am grateful for the nurturing environment that has enriched my learning more
Shreyas Saklani
Shreyas Saklani
07:43 26 Jan 24
My time at the clinic for 3 months was full of new learnings and experiences. Dr Pratibha ma'am along with her team... gave us the opportunity to work under them and add valuable skills to our skillset. We observed real life cases, worked with patients, understood therapies, and learned to operate and apply various more
Alkabhi Abhi
Alkabhi Abhi
06:56 24 Jan 24
My experience was very good. She could understand my problem. She has a very positive approach.
aman magar
aman magar
07:25 25 Dec 23
Dr. Pratibha has been a really helpful mentor. A really cheerful and heartwarming clinical psychologist who makes you... feel safe and more
Siddhi agarwal
Siddhi agarwal
06:08 24 Jul 23
they provide great experience to budding psychologists and also are extremely helpful and true and passionate towards... their field of more
Hiranmayee Dixith
Hiranmayee Dixith
12:28 10 Jul 23
I completed a 2 month internship with Dr. Prathibha. It was a very good learning experience. I recommend this center... for all the students who want to do an internship in psychology. Everything was explained from baseline in detail. We got to interact with the actual cases she was handling as well. Overall it was a very good more
Bindu Sinha
Bindu Sinha
00:43 14 May 23
This is the perfect Centre for taking care of patients having mental issues, She not only handles patients but also... the suffering family .It's the light of hope that is kindled. In the dark heartsread more
Deepmala Pal Kotecha
Deepmala Pal Kotecha
07:15 13 May 23
A very reputed and positively engaging cource centre as well as counselling n therapy centre. Vry skilled n cooperative... Doctors and senior faculty. Very more
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